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Time in nature is now scientifically proven to have a profound impact on our brains, regulate our autonomic nervous system, improve creativity, reduce anxiety and boost overall well being and happiness.

We intrinsically know this from watching an amazing sunset, swimming in the ocean or walking through a forest. We do this because if feels good and we know it is good for us.


But are we doing enough? For many people a large percentage of their lives are spent indoors, in a vehicle and sitting down.

And are we doing it consciously? Many people go out in nature but are not really there, either distracted by a device, music, someone else or their constant inner chatter.


The foundation of indigenous culture is a profound connection to the land and the wisdom & well being that is gained from that connection. By tuning into nature you are able to tune into your own true nature, which is why people say they feel ‘more ‘like themselves’ as well as more balanced, energised, calm, creative and happy.

“Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better”


Albert Einstein

Paul’s programs are run from areas of outstanding natural beauty. He will guide you to foster a connection with nature and enable you to access ideas, intuition, wisdom and clarity that are always there but often drowned out by the noise and activity of day-to day life.

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